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Our Story

On-demand: better for people, profit, and the planet

The apparel industry is in need of a paradigm shift. The traditional retail model is slowly dissolving due to a saturated industry, long lead times, high discounts due to the everyday coupon, and high end of season write offs. An on-demand model of business significantly reduces this oversupply and waste to make it more acceptable for people, profit, and the planet.

Ziel was founded on the principle of bringing on-demand manufacturing to the apparel industry. We are building a technology platform to design, produce, and deliver apparel to businesses based on actual consumer demand.

Ziel is an on-demand apparel manufacturing platform that creates custom collections for brands, retailers and talent in a fraction of the time. With our solution, our clients can now sell top quality, custom sustainable apparel with no minimum order and delivery in under 10 days.

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Ziel means “goal” in German and “soul” in Dutch


At Ziel we come to work every day because we want to make a difference in the world of apparel. We know our goal of creating a paradigm shift from traditional oversupply to a more sustainable on-demand model is huge and can only happen one passionate step at a time. This is why Ziel is named Ziel. Ziel means “goal” in German and “soul” in Dutch. As a word, Ziel encompasses what we stand for, passionately reaching goals with the heart in the right place.


meet marleen vogelaar

founder & CEO

Marleen spent her teens and twenties on the track, immersed in the world of competitive athletics. Marleen’s background is in manufacturing and finance. As co-founder of Shapeways, the world's largest 3D printing service and marketplace for consumers, she has driven the transformation of 3D printing into the digital era of mass custom manufacturing. With Ziel, Marleen brings her expertise of digital manufacturing to apparel. She is rewriting the rules of the industry by making on-demand, eco-friendly, high-performance athletic wear, with a personal interest in creating clothing for people of all shapes and sizes.


EVERY GARMENT COUNTS: our principles

eliminate overproduction

Ziel makes every piece of apparel to order. We do this because we only want to make what people actually want to have. The apparel industry as a whole, has a 40% gap between what is made and what is sold. These unwanted garments have an incredible impact on the planet. By cutting 40% of production and only making what is sold, we save thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of kilowatt hours of energy every year. This means less energy, and fewer resources are used to make, store, and distribute the apparel. This also means, Ziel does not have unworn garments ending up in landfills and incinerators. This is why every garment counts when it comes to the environment.

Made in the USA

By making our apparel in the USA, and sourcing our fabrics from the USA as much as possible, we help to create local jobs and do our part to minimize the pollution and energy cost of shipping overseas.

Our commitment to sustainability also informs how we run our company. We value diversity, equal opportunity, and creating an environment where our employees feel valued and inspired. This is why we collaborate with The Accelerator in Orange County New York. Through job training, we hire people from surrounding areas at our micro-factory located in Newburgh, NY. Because of this, Ziel can grow and support the local community.


We support sustainable practices and equal opportunity. We don't like waste - not in our production processes, not in our talent and not in our rivers. We strive to make our products sustainable from the drawing board to the final product, with a goal of having 100% of synthetic fibers spun out of recycled plastic. We use a water-free dyeing process, avoiding waste and water pollution. We love our planet and want to do our part to ensure a clean environment.