Tips for starting to sell

  1. Launch Sequence
  2. Preparation
  3. Sneak Peeks
  4. Pre-Sale
  5. Launch
  6. Ongoing Sales

Launch Sequence

The best method to ensure making a splash on launch is to:
Entice with Merchandise photos / video leading up to launch in order to build excitement
Offer a limited pre-sale to group of core community members, rewarding their commitment and getting a sense of order levels on a full launch
Full launch to community and BEYOND


Every successful sales effort starts with prep! Here are some suggestions to ensure you make the biggest splash on launch:

  • List Contacts
    • Core Community - begin by listing the core community members you want to include in a pre-sale launch
      • 30+ Friends - Write down 30 friends who you would want to inform of your pre-sale
      • 30+ Family - Write down 30 family members who you would want to inform of your pre-sale
      • 30+ Premiere Clients - Write down 30 people who influence your work and who would appreciate being handled with prestige for your pre-sale.
    • Ecosystem - list contacts that you can utilize to build hype around a full launch
      • Press - do you have any friends who write for local press or category press? Would they want to write a piece about you?
      • Other social media influencers - do you have social media influencers friends who you could ask to share your initial launch posts? Or post about you?
      • Do you have friends with large followings who will make a picture of themselves in your clothing, and share it online? So you can make sure once you launch you can create a bit of an ongoing buzz?
      • Agree on a specific time with all of these people when they will start posting. Ziel will also only start posting on the date you officially launch.
  • Media Assets - developing media assets with sample pieces is invaluable for your launch
    • Video - wearing pieces of your line while being active or doing exercises
    • Pictures - wearing pieces of your line while being active or doing exercises, wearing pieces with posing for product shots
  • Launch Prep
    • Advertising - decide whether or not you want to advertise on social media. Instagram ads are a good place to start (
    • Blog - Prepare a blog post about the clothing, emphasizing aspects that resonate most with you. Include pictures from your media assets and and a link to your shop. If your shop isn't already embedded, ask us to help. If your shop is separate, make sure you have a link to it visible and on your blog or website navbar.
    • Hashtags - ### can help you get more people to your posts! Colors, themes, patterns, #art #fashion #trendy #activewear #fitness #shop #sale #ecofriendly #usamade #sustainablefashion etc...
    • Instagram - prep a link for your bio. Please @Zielwear :)
  • SEO
    • Tags and media alt images are important for your blog and will help with SEO scores. Prepare a list of relevant tags to add to your post. These can be reused as #hashtags. :)

Sneak Peeks

Teasing your products with photos on Facebook or Instagram is a great way to build hype around your launch. Your beautiful branded designs will jump out and let your community know that something awesome is on its way.


Offering an exclusive launch for core community members is a great way to reward their loyalty. A small pre-launch also you time to prepare a larger launch, get feedback, and puts you in the mode of selling and earning revenue in a controlled environment. Once you go live, Ziel will manage everything in terms of sales, orders, shipments etc. You are responsible for reaching your customers and making sure they can easily access your shop.

Use your pre-sale list to send out an announcement email. Be sure to group them all with one name or bcc so everyone privacy is safeguarded. Make sure you post the week of pre-launch with you in your clothes to generate hype. :)


On the targeted launch date you will start sharing our story on your blog, social media and other outlets. Make sure to schedule supporting media to go live on that date or the days after.

Always make sure to ask your customer to share a picture of themselves in your clothing, tagged with you or a specific hashtag and @zielwear. This will keep the social media conversation going and create a content feed that can be added on your website.

On-going sales

Selling your apparel online is not a one-time activity. You are now an entrepreneur and want to create a steady stream of income. Selling will becomes a part of your daily life and regular activities.

As you sell, Ziel will refresh your look and provide your with new graphics that you can talk about, wear and post about. Think about how much time you can dedicate each day to selling when there is not a launch of a new item. What can you do on a daily basis to keep your clients engaged and acquire new customers? Here are a few things to think consider:

  • Daily / weekly posts
  • When you sell a new item you might want to update the link on your bio every single time you post a picture about that item, so people are direct straight to the item you just posted about
  • New images and videos
  • Wearing your clothing in images and posts that are not specifically about the clothing - people may ask what you are wearing and you can redirect them to your shop
  • Wearing your outfits out to the gym, shopping, out with friends, family, runs, competitions, while you are traveling, anywhere where your products are acceptable :) Think of these as your new business card and ice breaker; self promotion is one of the most powerful tools.