Make the journey youR destination

Ziel was founded on the belief that our journeys matters as much as our goals. However great our aspirations might be, we live now and how we live now impacts how we feel. We at Ziel want to empower our health and wellness businesses, their members and followers to reach their goals and enjoy the ride.

For our clients, we strive to make it as seamless as possible to successfully sell high performance active wear. Owners of boutique gyms and influencers are busy people with a lot on their plate. They want to make their members and followers happy with beautiful workout gear but it is often hard to manage their own line. We at Ziel choose to make it work for our clients instead of our client having to make do with a collection of services not geared specifically to them. 

Members and followers of our clients might have goals about reaching a tournament, a certain weight or feeling better in their body. We strive to empower all to feel great when working out. They'll love their community, come back more often and will keep motivated to work towards their goals.

Ziel's purpose is to make our clients successful at selling their active wear line. Making it as as easy as possible for them to strengthen the bonds between them and their community and earn extra revenue. On our journey we take active care of our environment and make our products in the USA. This matters a lot to us, as we care about the people we work with now, the planet that we live on and years from now we would love to serve an future generations of athletes to come.

Why we are Ziel

Ziel means goal in German and soul in Dutch. We love athletics, we love the grit, the competition and zeal you can find in sports and experience that athletics is at its best when the heart and the goal are united. Ziel as a word encompasses what we stand for, passionately reaching our goals with the heart in the right place. That is why we’ve created Ziel as a public benefit corporation.

By choosing the be a public benefit corporation we have ingrained our belief that the journey matters into our company DNA. We support sustainable practices and equal opportunity. We don't like waste; not in our production processes, not in our talent and not in our rivers. This means we strive to make our products sustainable one step at a time. 

Even though our focus is on the US for now, we know that we as humans are connected with everybody in the world. A world that is more and more globalized and what we do here affects people everywhere. So we’ve decided to give 1% of our revenues to charities that relate to who we are as a business. And we invite our Health Clubs to do the same. The charities we support are: Herproject that provides healthcare and financial independence education for women in among others the garment industry across the world, The Ocean Clean up that is developing technology to remove plastics from our oceans and Coalition for Queens who support diversity in Tech. 

our team

We are a tight team of five very different people who share the passion for athletics and creating a seamless retail-as-a-service for boutique studios. Two of us have had previous success in 3D-printing by building Shapeways and we are complemented by specialists in 3D-knitting, active-wear & Haute couture. We believe that we can use technology to make beautiful clothing lines for our health clubs and make fashion cleaner and fairer.