On-boarding RETAIL-as-a-service

Welcome to Ziel! You are only a few steps away from selling your own active wear line and earning steady revenue. Here are a few questions that help us prepare your service. Once submitted, we will set everything up.

Name *
Do you wish to sell any items at a higher sales price than the suggested minimum retail price? If so please describe the item and the price.
Through which channels would you like to sell your clothing?
What online platform do you use?
If you said yes to online sales, would you like a stand-alone e-commerce site or have a shop embedded into your own web page?
If you want to have an embedded store, who will integrate this for you?
If you chose to have Ziel embed your online store for you. Let us know if on top of showing your styles for sale there is any text you'd like us to add? Here's an example http://twistedtrunkyoga.com/about/shop/
In order to embed your store for you, we need to have a quick call with you to get it done. Please provide two times when to best call you. Ignore if you are doing this yourself.
What POS system do you use?
Monthly commission payout
Every month Ziel will create a deposit to your bank account via the Justworks service. Justworks will retain your banking information, we will not have access to it.
You will receive an email from Justworks shortly after submitting this survey. Which email address should this invite be sent to? This should be the address of whomever does your accounting. We will also send your monthly overview to this person. Please provide email address and first and last name
Do you want to donate 1% of your retail earnings to charity? Ziel will match your donation.
Charity donation - select charities
If you said yes to donating to charity, which charity should it go to? Select any you like.
Do you have any special events planned; anniversary, retreats, competitions. Let us know, we could help you with a dedicated style for the event.