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Marleen Vogelaar

Founder & CEO

Marleen spent her teens and twenties on the track, immersed in the world of competitive athletics. She has a background in manufacturing and finance. As co-founder of Shapeways -the world's largest 3D printing service and marketplace for consumers- she has driven the transformation of 3D printing into the digital era of mass custom manufacturing. With Ziel, Marleen brings her expertise in digital manufacturing to apparel, rewriting the rules of the industry by making on-demand, eco-friendly, high-performance athletic wear with a focus on making clothing that fits people of all shapes and sizes.


Desiree Cadmen Mendoza

Head of Design and Founding Team Member

Desiree is a graduate of FIT, has a background in 3D knitting, and has lent her considerable talents to Ziel from its inception. We have Desiree to thank for our crave-worthy designs and color combinations, and for overseeing the development of custom apparel lines for businesses and influencers around the country.


Clarissa Arocena

Ziel Assistant Apparel Designer & Production Associate

Clarissa is a graduate of North Carolina State University, and has a background in Pattern Making. She uses this expertise to develop inclusive sizing for all body shapes, ensuring your Zielwear will fit and flatter.



Our staff is comprised of diverse, creative, dedicated and skilled individuals who we owe a debt of gratitude for their heartfelt efforts.



We feel so lucky to work with the following people, who contributed their talents to shooting our apparel: Photographer: Yurek Akbar, Stylist: Samantha Myer, Models - Catie Cuan & Catherine Helen Fisher. Thanks also goes to Hawthorn Creative for website support.