Launching YouMakeYou

We have a lot of exciting things going on at Ziel. Although still in pilot we are gearing up to be THE service for leaders of health and wellness communities to make them succesful at selling their own line of active wear. One of those leaders is Colby Triolo. She's the founder of the succesful YouMakeYou community and now line of apparel. Besides being a true inspiration on fighting her way back to health like our friend Amy Whoa, she's also a coder, something that is part of our Ziel DNA as well.

Soon we will write more about why we think people like Colby are the future of retail. But without further ado, here's our introduction of Colby.

Tell us a bit about YouMakeYou? How did it start and how has it evolved?
YouMakeYou overall is an online community with the main goal of "empowering others to empower themselves". Which essentially means providing the community with motivation, confidence, and knowledge (in the form of blog posts, social media posts, weekly challenges, and chats) that we can truly achieve anything we set our minds too.

The Story: You Make You was created after I Colby healed herself from 2 years of suffering from daily post concussion headaches and problems. I was told that I would always have symptoms, and most impactful to me: I could never run (or workout intensely) again without making my neck and head worse. After exhausting my list of medical professionals with the same (unhelpful) response, I decided that if others weren't the answer, I had to be. After losing 2 years of my life to pain and not being able to go to college, I decided that the pain was done stealing my life. I spent months 're-programming' my body and mind with positive thoughts and aligning my actions as if I wasn't in pain and eventually, I wasn't. Because I wanted so badly to have a normal, pain-free life again, I put that desire 110% into all of my thoughts and actions and I was successful. I now compete in triathlons and work out (intensely) pain-free.

What do you write about most?
I am just starting up a weekly blog posting schedule which I am super excited about. Monday- Motivation Mondays Wednesday- Weekly Challenge Wednesdays (these will be challenges to push us to align ourselves to achieve what we truly want to become) and Saturday— Sum It Up Saturdays- these will be things along the lines of "5 tips for …" All blogposts will be on our Instagram, Pinterest and emailed.

Can you share why your readers love your blog so much?
It is a DIFFERENT kind of motivation. It is interactive and calls the reader to challenge themselves for the better and incorporate different things into their own lives.

Being a computer science major in college, what things that you've learned and are skilled in that subject are really helpful in creating your blog and business?
I am CONSTANTLY rewriting my website and looking at optimizations for all different kinds of features to make it the best it can be!

Why have you decided to sell activewear for your community? Did you try before?
I want to extend this from simply an online community to be a part of people's lives— so we can always remember that we are the creator of our own self.

What is in your base collection? And how would you like to see this evolve?
We have tank tops, long sleeves, and leggings. We really focused on really simple, but POWERFUL designs. I would love to see people eventually walking down the streets head to toe in YouMakeYou!! what better message is there?!

Where can people buy your gear?
Online: under the WearIt! tab

What is a fun fact about your studio or you?
I am obsessed with coffee and scones!

Anything else you would like to share?
While YouMakeYou does have an active wear line, I want people to know that we are more than that — YouMakeYou is a full LIFESTYLE and can be applied to all walks of life. We just wear comfy active wear clothes. ;)

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