And here we go!

After months of preparation we are so happy to share that Ziel is now in business, testing our service with a few selected health clubs in a closed pilot. Whether you are a boutique health club or a professional trainer, we make it easy for you to sell and manage your high performance active wear line, both online and in a studio.

When we started this journey a few months ago with the idea of building an on-demand retail service for health clubs, we started by talking and listening to owners of many types of clubs. From yoga, to cross-fit, to cycling and more. We heard how they they run their business; what their members expect from them, and how many balls they have to keep up in the air.

We learned that lots of them would love to earn extra revenue. We've heard their members want to represent their club. We also learned that they do not like big boxes full of gear clogging their studio; nor do they want to invest thousands of dollars in a graphic designer, or high minimum orders. They told us they want to sell beautiful quality apparel that aligns with the quality of classes they give, that represents their brand to the core.

We've built our service around the needs of health club owners and as we develop further will relentlessly stick to that focus. For now it means that we take care of everything for the club: design, collections, inventory management, sales portal and invoicing. As a club you will receive one simple invoice a month stating your earnings and a deposit to your bank account.

We hope you are as excited about Ziel as we are! Thank you for your interest in Ziel, we hope to have you on our journey. Sign up here if you are a Health Club and interested in being a pilot client. We'd love to hear from you.

Marleen & Rob & Desiree


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